2019 Spring Cub Parent Weekend/Lion Fun Day


Apr 6, 2019 to Apr 7, 2019



Camp Daniel Boone
3647 Little East Fork Rd
Canton, NC 28716
Location Phone: (828) 254-6189


Cub Parent Weekend Registration


Be a part of

“Frontier Footprints”

Cub-Parent Weekend
April 6-7, 2019
Camp Daniel Boone

Early Bird Registrations (before February28) Get to arrive on Friday!!
Saturday check-in: 9:00-10:30 am
Bring a picnic lunch
Programs begin at 12:15 pm

Ends at 11:00am on Sunday

Fees include 2 meals (Saturday supper & Sunday breakfast), program materials, patch and Saturday afternoon snack.

     $30 per Cub-Parent Combo ----- $60 if 2 Cub-Parent Combo
     $12 for each additional Cub Scout or Parent in the same family

Packs must register as a unit. All units must register on the form which can be found on-line at danielboonecouncil.org. Please make sure the form is completely filled out – we MUST have the rank of each youth in attendance. Individual registration will not be accepted. Even if your pack only has one Cub/Parent combo attending they still need to fill out the Unit Registration Form (both sides, please).

Registration is due in to the Council Service Center by 5pm on Friday, March 15 (not just postmarked by that day.) For the early bird youu must turn that in by February 28. No late OR on-site registration accepted. Fees are nonrefundable and may not be transferred from one weekend to another. 

Select someone to serve as your Pack Coordinator. This coordinator is responsible for gathering the information, filling out all paperwork, collecting fees and making sure that everything is handed in to the Council Service Center before the deadline. Every effort will be made to camp Pack members together. If you are not in the same campsite you will be close – this is sometimes determined by sleeping arrangements that are requested (tents vs. beds).

The weekend is designed for Cub(s)/Parent Combos. Tigers, Wolves, Bears or Webelos (Arrow of Light boys should have crossed over to the troop) may attend the weekend. Please remember non-scouting siblings are not allowed to attend this weekend. Activities will be set up by rank – Lions will be doing different activities than Tigers, Wolves, Bears or Webelos).

For more information contact:

Brian Sullivan



Wendy Henderson

Sue Persons


*** Remember: No on-site registration will be accepted. Any adjustment in registration (ie substitutions) must be made by 3/19/2019 to Wendy Henderson.


Things to remember for the Spring 2019 Cub/Parent Weekend

Check-In is 9am-10:30am. It’s good if the entire Pack arrives about the same time. Don’t forget your bag lunch. Anyone who arrives after 11:00 will check-in at the Pavilion and later at Ledbetter Lodge/Dining Hall.

We go no matter the weather. Remember to check the weather report a day or two before the event. It is usually 5-10 degrees cooler at Camp Daniel Boone. It is a good idea to dress in layers.

At Check-In you will receive an envelope – please be sure to read the “Safety Rules” enclosed. Just a couple of reminders……a) alcohol of any kind is prohibited at all times; b) store any food in your site in a closed container; c) smoking in designated areas only; d) adults must know where youth are at all times

All of your gear will be hauled to and from the campsite. There must be more than 3 pairs (parent-child) in attendance for you to take the gear up in a vehicle/trailer provided by the Pack, we will also be glad to haul your gear. No vehicles will be allowed into campsites on Sunday until after chapel – remember that we “do our duty to God”. All gear should be marked with name and Pack # and organized before your arrival.

No vehicles will be allowed to stay in the campsites. Trailers may be parked at the site (or close).

Gear should be packed in a plastic tote or 1 bag – pack carefully and conservatively. It is very difficult when folks have several individual bags or stacks of blankets. Below is a list of suggested gear.

Should have a simple first aid kit for your Pack. Good idea to have a packet of “baby wipes”.

We provide your supper and breakfast so no need to bring cooking gear or other meal food to cook – if you want to bring a dutch oven to cook a dessert that is okay (you provide ingredients). Boys will get an afternoon snack. No need to bring a lot of extra food. Any “smellables” will need to be put in a container with a fixed lid. Remember no eating in any sleeping areas.

If you bring a lantern remember to follow standards in The Guide To Safe Scouting. Best if battery operated.

If you bring firewood for a campfire you need to talk to the other Pack members attending---don’t need 2 or 3 folks each bringing a “truck load” of wood, remember you will only be there for 1 night. All fires must be attended and “cold-out” at night.
Everyone (youthand parents) in attendance must have a physical form parts A & B {does not require doctor’s signature}. These can just be in a Pack folder or notebook. You will get them back at the end of the weekend.


Gear should be packed in a tote or 1 bag – pack carefully and conservatively. It is very difficult to load gear when folks have several individual bags or stacks of blankets. Remember it is just a weekend event. Below is a list of suggested gear.

• Tent with waterproof ground cloth (make sure tent is waterproof – if new try putting it up before the weekend) Platforms are 8’x10’
• Sleeping bag (if summer bag, bring a liner or use blanket as liner), pad, camping pillow
• Dress in layers (t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and/or jacket, long pants, long underwear)
• Socks – 2-3 pairs Underwear – 2 pairs
• Comfortable shoes (extra pair if looks like rain) – no crocks please
• Sleeping clothes (pjs or sweatpants and shirt – you need something clean and dry to wear at night)
• Hat/cap and gloves if cool
• Can bring Cub Scout Uniform shirt for Sun. Chapel– no need to bring neckerchief - Leader uniform shirt
• Toiletries * Water Bottle with name * Rain Gear
• Flashlight/Headlight with new batteries

If you have special dietary concerns please provide your own food. May be delivered to the kitchen with instructions.


Health forms Part A,B


Please Use Online Registration Below

or paper Registration Form