Scouts BSA At Home 2020


You will need to create an account to register. This system is the same one used for summer camp, so it might be easier for your unit to register as a whole, the same way they would for summer camp, but it is not required. 

Merit Badge Books (Optional):

If you'd like to order a merit badge book for your virtual class, please visit your local scout shop or order via email here.

Blue Cards (After the Class):

To print blue cards, or completion certificates please follow these easy steps. It will take a week or more after the completion of the meetings for items to be entered into the system, please give the instructors adequate time to complete this process. 

How to Demonstrate virtually?

All requirments that state "Demonstrate" will require the scouts to complete the task out side of the virtual classes. This could be completed with videos of the scout completing it, or other trained professionals signing off that the scout completed the requirment as it is written. 

Quality of Classes

We are very excited to be offering virtual merit badges to scouts all over the world. We have seen scouts from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, DC, and Germany particiapate in our classes this year! We are proud that we have been able to find instructors that are leaders in their industry and scouts have been able to learn about new and unique career fields. We have seen an average class size between 20 and 25 scouts. 

Future Class Listing HERE


Here is a tutorial on Zoom

Here is an Advanced Zoom Tutorial

Here is a link to our Instructors contact information