Fund Your Ideal Year of Scouting with the Camp Masters Gourmet Popcorn

Wouldn't it be great to participate in all the activities you wanted?  If you could pay for uniforms, awards, and registration without any money coming out of your pocket??

Imagine doing only one fundraiser and being able to fund your entire year of Scouting.  IT IS POSSIBLE.  Commissions from the Camp Masters Popcorn Sale enable adult leaders to focus on the program, not on fundraising.  By planning, building a budget and setting sales goals, your unit will be on the way to growing its treasury.  Here is a different way to look at your budget for the year.  The average commission on a container of popcorn was slightly over $5.80* based on past sales. 

Here is an interesting new way to look at your apporximate costs in "popcorn containers" of several Scouting items:

Annual Registration fee - 3 containers

Boy's Life Magazine for 1 year - 2 containers

Pinewood Derby Car and Accessories - 1.5 containers

Scouts BSA Summer Camp Fee - 38 containers

Cub Scout Day Camp Fee- 10.5 containers

Sleeping Bag- 15 containers

Scout Handbook - 1.5 containers

Scout Uniform Shirt - 6.5 containers

These are just a few sample expenses a unit or scout might budget for in a year.  Each unit has its own unique activities, so be sure to list them when building your budget.


Helpful tips to selling

  • People buy popcorn to support the Scouting program (they do realize that they can get the popcorn cheaper, but also realize that they cannot buy the Scouting experience for a young person through popcorn anywhere else)
  • Don’t ask people IF they will buy, ask which level they would like to support your Scout, with the various popcorn products and prices representing the various levels.
  • Visit more people—Most people who do not buy popcorn, do not buy because they did not get asked…over 80% of people will buy popcorn when asked!
  • Over 90% of people who buy popcorn from a Scout have made up their mind to support Scouting before they have even seen what the Scout is Selling!


Shoot for the Stars…Sell the higher priced products first to generate more program revenue.


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