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The mission behind the unit program planning philosophy is to help Scouting units fulfill young people’s need for adventure and deliver on this promise. Units that operate under an annual program plan, that young people help construct, are proven to be more successful and make a more profound impact on the lives of their members. We promise young people the most exciting adventures they can imagine, and we had better be prepared to make it

happen. How do you get buy-in and commitment from your unit’s families when it comes to annual programming and fundraising needs? Your answer to this question is the key factor to the level of success your Scouting program will enjoy.

Brainstorming Ideas to Get You Started - The unit might plan and fund some of the following:

Program Ideas:   Other Considerations:

Summer Camp  BSA Registrations & Life Magazine

Cub Scout Council Events  Meeting Supplies/Awards & Recognitions

Monthly Unit Activities  Den/Patrol Expenses/Training Courses

Pinewood Derby  Unit Equipment

Patrol/Den Activities 

Uniforms/Personal Camping Equipment

Assistance for Low-income Scout Families


Once there are several ideas under consideration, filter them to allow the most realistic ones to surface. Be cautious not to discount Scouts ideas. Do provide them with enough information to decide which are most in creating their best program year.

Next, add key dates to a unit calendar that will be shared with Scouts and parents. Be sure to account for vacations, holidays and other school functions.

You now know what you’re doing and when. It’s time to budget! You can use the planner to help you organize activities and determine your fundraising goal.

Scouting teaches Scouts to earn their way. And a organized popcorn sale helps them learn to plan and meet their goals. Studies show your Scouting families appreciate a well planned sale that helps them coordinate it within their already busy lives.

Show them how the Unit and Scout sales fund the planned activities within the program. Present them with a clear fundraising goal. And offer an approach that allows them to achieve their goal.

Here is an interesting new way to look at your apporximate costs in "popcorn containers" of several Scouting items:

Annual Registration fee - 13 containers

Boy's Life Magazine for 1 year - 3 containers

Pinewood Derby Car and Accessories - 2 containers

Scouts BSA Summer Camp Fee - 48 containers

Cub Scout Day Camp Fee- 18 containers

Sleeping Bag- 15 containers

Scout Handbook - 2 containers

Scout Uniform Shirt - 8 containers

These are just a few sample expenses a unit or scout might budget for in a year. Units should set a goal for each youth that covers Recharter fees, summer camp program, and awards at the minimum. This would set each Scout's goal around $500 worth of popcorn sold. Each unit has its own unique activities, so be sure to list them when building your budget.


Helpful tips to selling

  • People buy popcorn to support the Scouting program (they do realize that they can get the popcorn cheaper, but also realize that they cannot buy the Scouting experience for a young person through popcorn anywhere else)
  • Don’t ask people IF they will buy, ask which level they would like to support your Scout, with the various popcorn products and prices representing the various levels.
  • Visit more people—Most people who do not buy popcorn, do not buy because they did not get asked…over 80% of people will buy popcorn when asked!
  • Over 90% of people who buy popcorn from a Scout have made up their mind to support Scouting before they have even seen what the Scout is Selling!


Shoot for the Stars…Sell the higher priced products first to generate more program revenue.


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