Mr. Frick Merit Badge Pre-Coursework

Thank you for checking out our classes. Below you will find the Pre-Coursework for classes taught by Mr. Frick. Please note, that just attending the classes will not result in requirements getting completed, scout will need to interact during these classes.


Personal Management - There is a lot of writing in this merit badge

1.    Read the merit badge pamphlet.

2.    Requirement 2 can be started before the class.  

3.    Requirements 3 and 4 are covered in the pamphlet.  You still have to do them.

4.    Requirement 10 can be done any time.



1.    Read the merit badge pamphlet.

2.    Requirements 2,3 and 4 can be prepared before class.  Depending on the level of class participation, some of these requirements could be done in the second class.

3.    Requirement 8 involves the scouts unit.  This requirement will not be accomplished during the class times.

4.    Requirement 5, most meetings can be attended on line or via cable tv.  This is acceptable.  The object of the requirement is to actively listen.


Citizenship in the World - We will not complete these requirements during class time.

1.    Read the merit badge pamphlet

2.    Requirements 3, 4 and 7 will require reading the news paper, magazines, current event web sites, etc.  Start by learning how to do this(with your parents supervision and permission).  Use the resources listed at the end of the merit badge pamphlet.



1.    Read the merit badge pamphlet.

2.    Requirements 5, 6 8 9 and 10b WILL NOT be completed in class.