Looking Glass District Committee and Commissioner Staff

Looking Glass District Committee Staff

Position Name
Chairman John Lampley
Commissioner Wendy Henderson
Executive Jonathan Hutto
Vice Chairman/Civic Service Charles Webb
Advancement Chair James Leveritt
Advancement Randall Barnett
Camping and Outdoor Chris Williams
Camping and Outdoor Walt Corbin
Finance Keith Johnson
Membership Mike Rector
Marketing Julia Buchanan
Nominating/Steering Committee Laurie Bietler
Nominating/Steering Committee Julia Pacilli
Program Bridget Monroe
Training Adam Cheadle
Member-at-Large Bill Moss
Member-at-Large Carl Gittings
Member-at-Large Chris Morgan
Member-at-Large Dave Wahus
Member-at-Large Farris "Mike" McManus
Member-at-Large George Pappas
Member-at-Large Hunter Marks 
Member-at-Large John Frost
Member-at-Large John Lampley
Member-at-Large Kathy Corn
Member-at-Large Laura McCue
Member-at-Large Tamra Crane
Member-at-Large Don Henderson


Looking Glass District Commissioner Staff


Position Name
District Commissioner Wendy Henderson
Assistant District Commissioner Laurie Bietler
Assistant District Commissioner Julia Pacilli
Cub Scout Roundtable and Unit Commissioner Bridget Monroe
Scouts BSA Roundtable and Unit Commissioner Ron Kuebler
Roundtable Commissioner Ronni Watson
Unit Commissioner Adam Cheadle
Unit Commissioner Bob Hemsath
Unit Commissioner Bobby Morris
Unit Commissioner Chris Williams
Unit Commissioner David Kayne
Unit Commissioner Ernest “Bud” McCall 
Unit Commissioner Frances Schlesinger
Unit Commissioner George Pappas 
Unit Commissioner Jason Walls
Unit Commissioner John Lampley
Unit Commissioner Karen McGrade
Unit Commissioner Melissa Rector
Unit Commissioner Mike Rector
Unit Commissioner Rachel Clay
Unit Commissioner Scott Kuebler