Jim Climo Pre-Coursework

Prerequisites for Archaeology Merit Badge Class.


First Get the Merit Badge Book It has much of what you need for this class. Not the Merit Badge requirements booklet nor the workbook get the  actual Merit Badge book. You can order them from Scoutshop.org or email Asheville Scout Shop


Come prepared to discuss requirement 1

We will discuss the process of Archaeology - Requirement 2 & 3

4) In your Merit badge handbook there are descriptions of 6 archaeological sites and I will cover a couple that I worked on.  Read the book and we will have some fun with those and other sites.

5) for the second class Prepare to tell us about one of your favorite sites. We will cover the details in the first class.

6) read the book and be prepared to discuss  all 3 items in this section

7) can be fun chose one of these (a or b)  for A) give us a list of items you would put I the time capsule especially ones that would give the people of the future an idea of what makes you tick

Or for B) is pretty self explanatory

8) we are going to have fun here.  We will discuss how we can create a “mock dig” at home, then discuss how it works.

9) another fun project.  You will create a tool or skill from the past  we will discuss the details during the first class.

10) This will take some help and supervision from your parents.

                Read the book with them and choose one of the 2 choices 

                We will discuss them in class as you finish them either first or second class

11) will be discussed in class.