The Bob Litten Scouting Heritage & Pioneering Camporee and Catapult Challenge


Oct 28, 2022 5:00 pm to Oct 30, 2022 12:15 pm



Macon County (NC) Fairgrounds
1436 Georgia Rd
Franklin, NC 28734


*Health Form parts A & B are required to participate*

General information:

This weekend experience is designed to provide all Pioneering Merit Badge requirements and nearly all Scouting Heritage Merit Badge requirements (see below). Scouts will have a basic but thorough understanding of Scouting history as well as the skills of building with ropes and spars. On Sunday morning, we will use all our new skills to build catapults and have fun challenges. All attendees will be able to build all sorts of camp gadgets and camp site stuff!

Bring a camp chair, or you'll be sitting on the ground!

General schedule:

Check-in between 5 and 7 pm Friday afternoon—time to check-in, set up tents/camp, and eat/wash up. Saturday will be full of Merit Badge work, building, history review, and campfire/skits. The weekend should end about noon on Sunday; pick-up then. We will have a brief Start/Stop/Continue session before we leave.


Bring your meal or eat ahead on Friday. There are several places to eat or get take-out nearby. Meals will be provided all day Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday breakfast; we will also have water and snacks/fruit available in general.

Stuff that will be provided:

Pioneering kits (spars and rope, twine, anchor supplies) will be provided for units to use for the weekend. Troops/Units are encouraged to assemble and bring a kit if they can.

Stuff to bring:

Troop/Unit: Units are welcome to bring pioneering kits (spars and rope, anchors), but kits will be provided for all units attending. Personal: Camp chair, tent, pad, sleeping bag, change of clothes/pajamas, rain gear, field uniform (Class A) for supper and chapel, toiletries, flashlight, pocketknife, merit badge booklets (optional), water bottle, medications if needed. Bring a camp chair! Remember: no food/snacks in tents!

Merit Badge credit:

Bring signed blue cards for merit badge credit for each merit badge: Pioneering and Scouting Heritage. All requirements for the Pioneering Merit Badge will be covered but pay attention to “Tools” sections in requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First-Class ranks. It is always a good idea to review First Aid and basic knots ahead of time. We will be using the May 2022 Pioneering requirements. In order to obtain full credit for the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge, requirements 5 and 6 should be done ahead of time. Requirement 5 asks you to learn about your troop history and then prepare a brief presentation. Requirement 6 asks you to present a collection of your own memorabilia, and “share what you have learned about the items in your collection.” It also states, “There is no requirement regarding how large or small this collection must be.” Both of these requirements can/should be done at your Troop meeting before the Camporee. However, since Scouts sill have done Requirement 5 already, they are invited to share a brief history of their Troop at the campfire on Saturday night (and maybe some interesting/unique/funny facts).

Catapult Challenge:

Plans for construction of catapults will be provided on Sunday morning. Units will build a catapult(s) with spars and ropes on Sunday morning and compete in distance-throwing and accuracy challenges. It is promising to be a “scary and dangerous and exciting” experience, according to Lloyd Swift. If time allows, units are welcome to build other structures as suggested in the Pioneering MB booklet.

For more information along with a detailed schedule, check out the 2022 Bob Litten Camporee Info under Resources!

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2022 Bob Litten Camporee Info form Download
Bob Litten Camporee Flyer Download
BSA Health Form AB BSA Health form Part A and B. Required for all non long term camping events Download