Executive Board

Council Officers

Council President   Joel Chambers
Council Commissioner   Andy Romagnoulo
Treasurer   Jerry Williams
VP of Administration   William Arledge
VP of District Operations/Pres. Elect   Dr. Michael Parmer
VP of Marketing   Reed Bilbray
VP of Fund Development   Tony Johnson
VP of Program   Chris Morgan
VP of Finance   Todd Newnam
VP of Cub Scouting   Sue Persons
VP of Membership   Jerry Gymr
Legal Counsel   Chris Reinhardt

Executive Board Members

Randall Barnett   Bill Beard
Larry Blythe   Richard Carter
Carleton Collins   Jay Curwen
Senator Chuck Edwards   Neal Ensley
Tom Foss   Alan Gibson
William Goacher (P)   Steve Green
Ralph Griffith   Neal Hanks
Chief William Hollingshed   Richard Hurley
Greg Hutchins (P)   Aaron Johnson
David Krishock   David McCartney
Quentin Miller   Scott Moncrief
Chris Morgan   Stephen Page (P)
Mark Pinkston   Alex "Alpo" Portelli
Arnold "Skip" Sheldon   Peter Sprague (P)
Betty Taylor   Charles Vargas
Jason Walls   Bryant Webster (P)
Edgar "Ted" White   Bobby Yount

Youth Representatives

Tsali Lodge Rep   Samuel Brown
Venturing Rep   VACANT

District Chairmen

West   John Mills
North   Scott Moncrief