Class Schedule - Youth

Communication   Communication (MB)
Time: 4:00PM
Days: M, W
Available To: Youth (Y)
Minimum Age: 13
Amount: $10.00
Seats Available: None

This clear and concise definition comes from the U.S. Department of Education: "Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field of communication promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication.
Family Life   Family Life (MB)
Time: 5:30PM
Day: M
Available To: Youth (Y)
Amount: $10.00
Seats Available: 4

The family is the basic unit of society and is important to both individuals and communities. The world is rapidly changing, making today's society much more complex than ever before. As Scouts earn this merit badge, they will realize why it is important to know more about family life and how to strengthen their families.