Mind Games Camporee


Oct 25, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019



Camp Daniel Boone
3647 Little East Fork Rd
Canton, NC 28716
Location Phone: (828) 254-6189




Dust off your brains and limber up those brain cells and join us at Camp Daniel Boone to test your mind, apply your Scout skills and just have fun.

Fun for Scoutmasters too! Camp wide SM Golf! Make a club and test your putting skills. (1 leader per troop).


Friday Night Board Games

All patrols and crews are asked to design a board game for some Friday night fun.

Involve each member of your patrol in designing the look and creating fun spaces filled with adventure and excitement. Remember shoots and ladders or candyland? Have fun and be creative, the more colors and design elelments, the more fun people will have playing your game. This activity can count towards requirements in the Game Design Merit Badge. 

Requirements: With your merit badge counselor's approval of your game; design, test and adjust your game while following the below requirements and the requirements 5,6,and 7 of the Game Design merit badge.

  • Drawn out on a large poster board, cardboard, or paper
  • include rules and objectives
  • game to have a theme
  • a path with a beginning and an end, with many spaces in between to travel.
  • spaces with negative as well as positive results
  • may have spaces with draw a card
  • Approximate 30 min playing time with 5-8 players
  • a dice or spin wheel with numbers
  • 8 different playing pieces 
  • test your game and make necessary changes beforehand.


Position Name Telephone
Assistant Camporee Chief Walt Corbin Email
Terrora District Executive Jonathan Hutto (912) 481-3758 Email
SoQua District Executive Brian Sullivan (615) 636-9716 Email
SoQua District Camping Chair Chris Williams (828) 505-3971 Email