Welcome to Fall 2020 Cub Parent Weekend


Oct 24, 2020 to Oct 25, 2020



Anywhere with Internet Access
333 W. Haywood St
Asheville, NC 28801
Location Phone: 828-254-6189


FANTASTIC FALL FUN – Oct. 24-25, 2020

The propose of this weekend is to get Cub Scouts outdoors and provide fun activities for them to do. You may want to do these activities as a Pack, Den or Individual Family. Perhaps the Pack would want to get together for a day of activities and then everyone goes home and cooks and camps individually. It would be great for folks to camp outside, but camping inside is acceptable. There is a lot of flexibility in how you want to do this weekend. If a Pack wants to go to Camp Daniel Boone to camp they may do so on a limited basis. They must contact Melinda Kuehn at the Council Service Center (melinda.kuehn@scouting.org) to set that up.

The weekend has been designed for $0 cost, but we need to know who participates from your Pack. There should be a designated individual to collect that data. We need to know the participation of the number of kids and their sex (for example – Pack XXX = 2 Bears, one female and one male; Webelos, 1 female). One of the reasons this is important is to be able to get the “vintage” patches to you. Each Pack will send this information to a designated individual in each District.

Everyone is encouraged to take pictures of the event’s activities and post them on the Pack’s Facebook Page and in their Facebook Group if the Pack has a group. Let’s share all the fun and creativity. Some of those pictures may in turn be posted on District and Council social media.
You will find a variety of activities. You may do all of them or pick and choose those in which you want to participate. This has been set up much in the way we would have done an in-person weekend.

Cub Parent Weekend Activities

Camping: Camp as a Pack, Den or Individual. You are encouraged to set up your tent outside, but camping inside is also acceptable. Everyone should plan to decorate your campsite. Add Fall or Halloween decorations. Be sure to have a sign identifying your camping site.
Shooting Sports: Make a simple catapult. See the attached information
Crafts: Can do any or all of these

  • Decorate a pumpkin. Can carve or decorate a real pumpkin or decorate the one in this booklet
  • Use different fruits and vegetables and “create a creature”; it could be a Halloween monster or creepy, crawly creature.
  • Create a fall mosaic (see the attached example)

Games: Try any of the attached games or make up your own

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