Covid19 Scout Resourses

Your Virtual Resource for Keeping Scouts Advancing, Connected & Having Fun During the COVID-19 Crisis & Beyond

We have cultivated resources from around the web to help you get through your Scouting quarantine

We’re not letting COVID-19 stop us from Scouting!  We’re lining up the best of the Web merit badge counselors, advancement experts and fun activities for you and your Scouts! Here you’ll find webinars, resources, tools and more for your Scouts to keep achieving, growing and advancing in Scout skills.


For All:

Google virtual National Parks tour

Travel and leisure magazines 12 free Museum virtual tours

Scout Share

Scouting at Home


Here is a tutorial on Zoom

Here is an Advanced Zoom Tutorial

Cub Scouts:

Digital Den Meetings: all Cub Scouts (and parents) are welcome to join us Wednesday nights for fun during council-wide digital den meetings! These are done by Cascade Pacific Council and run on Pacific Time

30 Day Lion Challenge

30 Day Tiger Challenge

30 Day Wolf Challenge

30 Day Bear Challenge

30 Day Webelos Challenge

Cub Scout activities

All 95 Cub Scout Adventure Plans Right Here

The core of Cub Scout advancement consists of “Adventures” in each Cub Scout Handbook (if you don’t have a handbook yet, you can order from the BSA ScoutShop).  To help den leaders and adult family members deliver these Adventures, there are a variety of resources including Den Leader Guides with activity plans for each Adventure.  All of the 95 Adventure plans and resources are available at this site maintained by the Council Cub Scout Resource for the Advancement Committee.  There are pages for each of BobcatLionTigerWolfBearWebelos and Arrow of Light, and within those pages, separate “Adventure by Adventure” pages of ideas for when families lead an Adventure.   

Parents Are Leaders – All of Them Are Now.  You may or may not have heard of Cub Scout expert Bill Smith (for years, the "Roundtable Guy" in the web newsletter "Baloo's Bugle").  

One of his mantras was: 

"The best gift for a Cub Scout is ... get their parents involved"

True then.  True now.  Now more than ever ...

-- After all, Parents are Leaders for their Families.

-- Certainly now.  And in Cub Scouting for their Families.


Preparing Parents to Have the Power.  But how can Parents Lead Cub Scouting at Home?  Too much of the “delivery method” of Cub Scouting has fallen into the (bad) habit of assuming “the Den Leader will Do It All”, when in reality:

  1. All Parents Can Lead (something), and
  2. “Parents have the Power” to deliver Cub Scouting.


They just need easy access to tools, guides, plans to deliver the Cub Scouting program.  Plus, Den Leader is the hardest job already, there’s not enough of them, and some of them have their lives uprooted right now with personal or work issues. 


We Have Easily Accessible Cub Adventure Tools for Families.  “See the Need, Meet the Challenge” was a theme I heard 41 years ago, so I created a "How Families Can Do Cub Scouting at Home" page (click that or this that can be shared with Packs and Dens and Families and others interested in Cub Scouting. 



  • Each of the 95 Adventure by Adventure pages has tips about doing Cub Scout Adventures at home.
    • These are grouped in each Rank starting with those that can be done completely at home, followed by the ones that need some den or other interaction to complete.  
    • There are tips about how you could do "virtual" contact with your den for those "demonstrate" or "share with your den" elements in other Adventures. 
    • Also, on each page are links to the specific Adventure Plan from the Den Leader Guides (recently made free through the Den Leader Experience on Scoutbook, but here provided more simply, Adventure by Adventure).


  • The idea behind the page is to give more than a link to “requirements” (which is a start) but also to those Adventure Plans from the Den Leader Guides that give families some activities that they can do – and for most parents, a peek at the Adventure Plans that usually only their Den Leader sees. 



Viral Sharing (The Good Kind).  My hope is that Den and Pack leaders will share individual Adventures with their Den Families.  

  • After all, Den Leader know what they’ve done in the Den … 
  • … and they might also know their families well enough to know which ones each family might enjoy
    • (they don’t all have to do the same electives). 
  • And the Den Leader doesn’t have to Do It All.
  • We say, “Many Hands Make Light Work”. 
    • This puts it into action.

Scouts BSA:

Daniel Boone Council Virtual Merit Badge College: The Daniel Boone Council is offering Virtual Merit Badge Classes. Classes start April 20th. We will be adding additional merit badges when they become available. We currently have classes lined up through the start of June!


How to Run Successful Digital Scout Meetings: Troop 19 Scoutmaster David Parry shows us how his troop is having great success with online meetings to keep his Scouts connected, advancing, and having fun! These are done by Cascade Pacific Council and run on Pacific Time

Merit Badges for Social Distancing

How to conduct a Board of Review digitally

Public Health Virtual meeting - Cradle of Liberty Council

Merit Badges for extended periods at home

Central FL MB Online


Every weekday at 2 p.m. Central, Boys’ Life editors are jumping on Facebook Live to share treks, jokes and mind-bending facts that will take your kids on a journey all over the world – and even to space!

How to Tune Into #TrekAt2

  1. Set a reminder on your phone. Every weekday a few minutes before 2 p.m. Central (that’s 3 p.m. Eastern, 12 p.m. Pacific), gather your kids or family unit around your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Head to 
  3. Get ready for the Boys’ Life Facebook page to go live so you and the fam can enjoy an adventure from inside your home.
  4. Comment along and share family-friendly jokes. Our hosts are reading your comments in real-time and would love to give you a shout out!

Other Nice sites:

30-Day Challenge 

Hawkeye Area Council, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

As communities are practicing caution and social distancing, the Hawkeye Area Council developed a 30-Day Challenge for each Cub Scout rank. Use this at home to help keep Scout's skills sharp. 


Advancement Academy: Virtual Resources for Keeping Scouts Advancing, Connected & Having Fun 

Cascade Pacific Council, Portland, Oregon 

Can’t get together as a group? Visit the Advancement Academy for a digital den meeting or merit badge class. Digital den meetings are offered through Zoom and promoted through Facebook. Participants are asked to sign up in advance. There is also great content for Scouts BSA, including sessions on How to Run Successful Digital Scout Meetings as well as online Merit badge sessions on Coin Collecting, Personal Fitness and more. The site also includes Facebook groups that anyone in the country can join: Cub Scout and Scouts BSA. 


Scouting at Home 

Atlanta Area Council, Atlanta, Georgia 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of things that Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA can do to Scout at home, this is it. The page features content directly from Scoutbook and includes ideas of other activities Scouts can do. Plus, suggestions for video platforms – and of course, reminders about the importance of following youth protection standards. 



Seneca Waterways Council, Brighton, New York 

Seneca Waterways Council has set up a site to share ideas on how to do Scouting remotely, plus suggestions on how to work on documents together, and how to hold meetings together if you’re not in the same room. 



At Home Scouting Activities 
Spirit of Adventure Council, Boston, MA. 

This web site features an entire selection of content designed to let Scouts have adventures without leaving home. The site includes links for youth of all ages, from live cams at zoos, to a range of support resources and videos to help Scouts work on merit badges. 

Online Merit Badges - 

Piedmont Council - mbuonline

Central FL -  



Capitol Area Council, Austin, Texas 

The council’s STEM Nova Committee is putting together a series of remote Scouting activities tied to the Nova Award and Hornaday-related merit badges. You can find out more at 


National STEM in Scouting Committee 

The committee has developed an online Nova for remote Scouting. You can sign up at 


Looking for other free resources for youth? Here are just a few: 

Khan Academy 
Especially good for math and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system, but it’s mostly common material. 

Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (accounts require users to be at least 14, but younger learners can use with a parent). 

Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University, but everyone can access it. Developed primarily for adults, but some courses, e.g., nature and environment, could well be of interest to young people. 

Learn computer programming skills – fun and free. 

Creative computer programming 

Ted Ed 
All sorts of engaging educational videos 

National Geographic Kids 
Activities and quizzes for younger kids 

Learn languages for free 

Mystery Science 
Free science lessons 

The Kids Should See This 
Wide range of cool educational videos 

Crash Course 
YouTube videos on many subjects 

Crash Course Kids 
As above for a younger audience 

Crest Awards 
Science awards you can complete from home 

All kinds of making 

Prodigy Math 
Good for elementary school ages 

Big History Project 
Aimed at Secondary age, multi-disciplinary activities 

Geography Games 
Geography gaming! 

The Artful Parent 
Good, free art activities linked to from this Facebook page 

Red Ted Art 
Easy arts and crafts for little ones 

The Imagination Tree 
Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest 

Toy Theater 
Educational online games 


Amazing Educational Resources 
List of Education companies offering free subscriptions due to COVID 
Online education resources