Aviation Pre-Coursework

Here is the work that needs to be completed for the aviation merit badge and the days it needs to be done by. I would recommend all of this be complete by the first day. If anyone has questions you can email Ian HERE (just remember to either use their parent’s email or CC their parents on the email.


12/18 (Day 1):

  • Read Merit Badge Pamphlet
  • Create a poster including the instruments required by 2f – feel free to look up examples
  • Find 3 careers you would be interested in learning more about

12/19 (Day 2):

  • Using the 3 careers from before, research and prepare to present on the training, education, and experience required for one of those careers (preferably the one you’re most interested in)
  • Build an FPG-9 and have an area that you can use to measure the distance that it flies (do test flights before hand!) - http://amaflightschool.org/diy/fpg-9-foam-glider
  • Be able to access - https://www.watch2gether.com/ - we will use this to do a virtual tour of a control tower and general aviation airport